Getting It Right With Your Lipstick – A Guide for Everyone

Your lips might be your favourite facial feature, and even if they aren't, you still want to get your lipstick right every time you do your makeup. When you go for a subtle eye look, you can use your lipstick to balance out the more plain makeup and spice things up a little. On the other hand, subtle lipstick tones things down when you go for bolder eye makeup. If you want to start using lipstick, here is a guide that will help you get it right from the beginning:

Keep Your Lips Fresh

Keeping your lips fresh will help you make the most of your lipstick. Start by exfoliating your lips at least once every week. Otherwise, your lipstick will highlight the dry parts of your lips, ruining the overall look of your lips. Typically, a soft, wet toothbrush will do the exfoliation excellently. You can also opt for plusher exfoliation alternatives using specialised moisturizing products, such as sugar lips scrubs and hydration conditioning exfoliators. 

Protect Your Lips 

Your lips are similar to your eyelids in that they both have extremely thin skin. This makes the skin prone to damage from harsh ultraviolet radiation. Thankfully, you can prevent the damage from ultraviolet radiation by combining your lipstick with good-quality lip balm. The balm can act as the foundation for the lipstick. A good-quality lip balm should have a sun protection factor (SPF) rating of 30 or more

Use the Inward-Out Technique

Technique is equally important when applying lipstick. Always start from the middle sections of your lips and work towards the outer edges. Using this technique minimises the chances of over-application because you can always blend the shade in the corners into the shade at the centre. Follow through with making the edges neat and sharp. You may also want to smudge the edges of the lips to diffuse any inconsistent bumps and leave the lips as neat as you want them. 

Pay Attention to the Ingredients

It is typical to come across complaints about the effects of lipstick. In most cases, this results from failing to pay attention to the contents of the lipstick that you are applying. Avoid products that are likely to have negative effects on your skin, encouraging acne and other skin conditions. These ingredients include synthetic lip dyes, isopropyl myristate and skin silicones. Such chemicals are not friendly to your skin, and frequent use will result in other skin conditions.  

For more tips like these, speak to professional makeup artists.

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